What if there was a cultural center that was also a farm producing clean food, clean experiences, and authentic community–right here in Zionsville?

What if that farm was a place for families to, once again, reconnect with nature, animals, and work while learning the origins of food?

What if that farm was placed in a community of leaders with children who will one day be leaders in their communities?

What if the people there once again lingered, visiting, while children played with animals without asking for a screen?

And what if this farm was a local model for how the world really can be fed by communities of local farms?

What if that farm left a legacy of life, laughter, land restoration, and human health?


What if people are too enticed by the orthodoxy of industrial agriculture?
What if billionaires, like a tsunami, consume all of the farm land?
What if small farms get swallowed up in their wake?
What if oil prices skyrocket across the planet?
What if another decades long war is waged?
What if the Republicans are in control?
What if the Democrats are in control?
Or the coronavirus mutates?
Or the economy crashes?
Or we lose everything?
Isn’t the risk too high?


No, it isn’t. 
Back to work.

Hunter Smith
April 1st, 2021

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