Welcome to The WonderShare

WonderTree Farm's Membership Program

The WonderShare membership program is your guaranteed way to get clean, nutrient-dense, farm foods and take part in the stewardship of our community, land, and animals.

Learn about The Wondershare

Fully Customizable WonderBoxes

Never run out of your WonderTree favorites. Each month, members receive two (2) WonderBoxes filled with your family’s favorite foods. Our program is fully customizable, so that you get the foods you want and the size you need.

Your custom WonderBox is prepared on:

1st & 3rd Thursday’s of each month.


 Simply pick-up at the farm on Thursday’s Farm Market from 3pm to 6pm.

If you can’t make it to the farm market, we will store your WonderBox, free-of-charge, for up to 14-Days, ready for your pick-up during any of our normal Farm Market hours.

Free Parking at Farm Days

Come right in for our Farm Day Events & Fall Festival. WonderShare members park for free every Saturday through the season, May through November.

Special Access to WonderTree Events

Participate in our ecology and experience the culture on the farm. WonderShares give you premier access to private pasture tours, regenerative farming seminars, work parties, concerts, culinary events, and more to come.

Other Benefits Included in WonderShare Subscription are:

  • Free Menu Changes
  • 5% discount for all in-store purchases (Only available for the 3 and 12 month subscriptions)
  • Holiday Turkey Discount
  • Other seasonal surprises and offers 


Wondershare Subscription Program

Sign up for wondershare

Check email for confirmation

Choose your selection ($100 Min) 

Pick up every first and third Thursday (each month)

Enjoy farm to table food for you and your family. Then do it again in two weeks!

The Seedling – (1) Month Plan

$100 minimum

  • Two (2) WonderBoxes
  • • Free Farm Day Parking
  • • Special Event Access

The Blossom – (3) Month Plan

$100 minimum 

  • Six (6) WonderBoxes
  •  7% off WonderBoxes!
  •  5% off all Market Purchases
  •  Free Farm Day Parking
  • Special Event Access
  • (1) Free Menu Change

The Harvest – (12) Month Plan

$100 minimum

  • Twenty Four (24) WonderBoxes
  • 10% off WonderBoxes!
  • 5% off all market products!
  • Free Farm Day Parking
  •  Special Event Access
  • Four (4) Free Menu Changes
  •  20% off Holiday Turkey

WonderShare Pricing is based on the retail value of your custom WonderBox and the plan you choose. Your custom WonderBox retail value is multiplied by the total number of pick-ups included in your plan, minus the plans discount. For an example, see the Frequently Asked Questions section located at the bottom of this page.


You Build a custom WonderBox

This is the box you wish to receive 2x/month 

Ready for Pick up Every 1st and 3rd Thursday during your plan.

Your individual WonderBox total is $105

Then you select your Plan.

You select the Blossom Plan (3 month) — 6 WonderBoxes are included in this plan, and it includes a 7% discount

Here is how your plan will be calculated:

$105 multiplied by 6 WonderBoxes: $630

$630 minus the plan discount of 7% ($44.10) = $585.90

Your WonderShare Total is $585.90 and there are no additional charges for the plan’s included incentives.

A menu change is a unique feature that allows for even more customization for your food.

Plans may include free menu changes, which enable you to reconfigure the cuts and quantities in your WonderBox.

Simply contact us at the farm, and we will send you a new menu form.

To be eligible, your changes must keep your retail total of your WonderBox at $100 or more.

If menu changes are not available for your plan, or you have used all of your allotted changes, you may make changes for a single $20 charge.

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