There is a secret deep in this thicket
and high on this pasture
and spread through this bottom land

It is a secret old as the stones buried deep in clay
as hidden as their core
as subtle as their descent

It hides in plain sight
through the drumming of the Yellowhammer
the pecking of the hen

It moves in unison
through the hooves and the breath of tame cattle
and in the the rubbing of the wild buck deer

Humans may choose not to understand it
for its very nature is grace and substance
Its translation muted through our violence

It is the secret of cycle, the art of design
Of life, vigor, death, carbon, and decay
And back to life again

It is an ancient secret, an even more ancient art
It is the art through which Providence gathers back supply
for redesign
for regeneration
for redemption

It is an art with no beginning and no end
It is The Art of Recovery
Through which no life has ever come to life again

WonderTree 2020
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