Glampground Policies


Reservations can only be completed online by clicking here. Weekend reservations (Friday & Saturday) require at two (2) night minimum booking, from May 1st through November 1st. Single night reservations are allowed throughout the week (Sunday through Thursday).

Check-In / Check-Out

Check in is from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the day of your arrival. Check out is by 10:00 am on the day of your departure. Upon arrival, please park in the pasture parking lot at 2280 South US 421, Zionsville, IN. Check-in at the WonderTree Farm Barn. Signs will be posted at 4:00pm.

Check-In Shuttle begins at 4:00 pm and ends at 6:00 pm. Prior to your arrival, Please contact the Glampgrounds via email, phone, or through the reservation portal to schedule your shuttle. You will have the option to Check-in at 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, or 5:30pm on the day of your reservation.

At Check-in, A WonderTree Farm employee will transport you, your bags, and any other food via utility vehicle to the Glampgrounds.

Personnel vehicles will be parked in front pastured, and secured overnight by farm gates. Vehicles can be access during the entirety of stay, but we ask that all gates are secured when leaving and arriving and that if you remain in your car during hours of darkness, please turn off headlights.

Checkout shuttle begins at 8:00 am and ends at 10:00 am. Check-out is first come first serve and can be arranged at check-in or by calling 317.732.7046 anytime during your stay.

What To Bring


Sleeping Bag rated for forecasted weather conditions

Food not ordered at time of reservation

Personal Clothing

Footwear conducive for trails


Drinking Water / Beverages

Paper Towel / Napkins / Toilet Paper

What You Don’t Need To Bring


Beds / Cots

Cooking Equipment





Firewood — First bundle free, $5.00 for 5 piece. Firewood located in glampgrounds. Pay honor system in cash box located near pile or at check-out. 

Reservation Payments

Reservations must be paid for in full at time of booking. Other arrangements can be made for multiple reservations, and must be approved by management.

Property Access & Children

WonderTree Glampers are permitted to access the WonderTree pasture during their entire stay. Pasture access for guests is located near the Green WonderTree Gate (Westside of WonderTree pasture).

Private property that includes pond, and all real property north of WonderTree pasture is off limits to all guests. Agricultural private property, field adjacent to glampgrounds, is off limits during entire stay.

All children (under the age of 13) need to be accompanied by an adult (18 and older) during all hours for the duration of their stay at the Glampgrounds. Youth (age 13 to 17), need only be accompanied by an adult during hours of darkness.

Shoes in the Tents

Please remove shoes prior to entering tents. We want you to be with our animals, but we prefer to leave their droppings in the pasture where it replenishes our soil, not in your tent. This helps keep the WonderTree cleanliness standard consistent for all our future guests.

Restrooms & Water

Each site is equipped with its own privacy tent. Inside is a composting toilet system that is for you and your guests use only. In addition, a 5 gallon fresh potable water tank with spout is provided to your site daily.

Extra Persons & Visitors

At this time, visitors and extra person not registered on original booking are not allowed into the Glampgrounds.

Cancellation Guidelines

To cancel a reservation, please contact or call 317.732.7046

Full Refund: 28+ Days in advance of check-in start

75% Refund: 27 – 14 Days in advance of check-in start

50% Refund: 13 – 7 Days in advance of check-in start

25% Refund: 6 – 2 Days in advance of check-in start

No Refund: Less than 48 hours from check-in start

If cancellation is due to an uncontrollable emergency / medical circumstance, please contact the Glampgrounds directly.

We do not allow cancellations for non-emergency weather conditions.

Weather Guidelines

WonderTree Farm Glampgrounds monitors weather closely. In the event of an immediate weather emergency, guests will be evacuated to the WonderTree Barn.

If inclement weather is to extend throughout your stay, a rain-out voucher will be issued for use at a later date. This option will be determined by Glampground Manager.


We love animals, but pets are not allowed in the Glampgrounds. WonderTree is a working farm and we do have animals with protective instincts. This policy is for you and your animals well being.

Fires & Firewood

Fires are only allowed in the designated stone firepits. Firewood is provided by WonderTree Farm, with the first bundle free of charge and waiting at your site. WonderTree Farm does not allow outside wood of any kind to be brought in to the Glampgrounds. Firewood is available on the honor for $5.00 for each 5 pieces. A community firewood stack is located in the Glampgrounds, near each site. Firewood must be procured from the provided firewood stack. This ensures properly seasoned, clean burning wood is used and prevents soot buildup and the use of wet wood.

Quiet Hours

10 pm to 7 am, strictly enforced.


Any immediate emergencies please call 317.732.7046. If it’s a medical emergency- call 911.  All calls to 911 must be reported to 317.732.7046 immediately to assist emergency with finding your site.  Thank you!


Please place all nonorganic trash (paper, plastic, cans, bottles, tin foil, etc.) in collapsible bins located at your site and please close lids at all time. This prevents us from intruding on the wildlife. Trash pick-up occurs between 10 AM and 4 PM

A plastic bucket with lid is provided for food scraps. We will use these scraps on the farm for composting and other farm operations, we appreciate you doing your best to separate your waste.


No smoking permitted within the Glampgrounds.


No illegal, noxious or offensive activities shall be conducted at any site, nor shall anything be done within the campground which is or could become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to neighboring sites. We will not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior whether directed at management, staff or other person.

The following are grounds for reservation termination and removal from the property: loud noise, whether mechanical, musical or vocal, use of foul or indecent language, causing damage to property or equipment or another person, drunken disorderly conduct, failing to follow rules, failing to follow directions of the property staff, threatening or abusive behavior or any other conduct that is not the type of behavior that is expected at a family campground/resort.


Guests are responsible for all damage or destruction of property, and any injury to persons, caused by the guest or his or her family, visitor or pets. We reserve the right to charge guests accordingly for any damage they cause to the grounds or equipment including but not limited to glampsite equipment, landscaping, and excessive debris (bottle caps, zip ties, cigarette butts, etc.)

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